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Best VISION THERAPY in Lucknow

AADYA EYE CARE & OPTICAL CENTER is proud to offer testing and treatment for best vision therapy in Luknow.

Vision therapy is used to help patients with their visual skills and abilities. It helps them interpret visual information.

Though eyeglasses are important to help our patients see clearly, there are times when people need more help to understand what they are seeing. Therapy is very helpful to make sure that our patients are seeing as well as they can be. Therapy makes the connection between the eyes and brain stronger.The goal of therapy is to work on several things. We work on eye movement and how the eyes work together. We help your eyes focus. We also work on eye-hand coordination, among other things.

Vision therapy is very individualized. After completing the testing, we will be able to determine where you need help. At that point, we will come up with a therapy plan to make sure that your eyes are working properly. Most people need to come to our office one or two times a week, though we may send you home with some things to work on while you’re away from our office.

Best vision therapy in Lucknow - aadya eyecare
Best eye care Hospital in Lucknow - aadya eyecare

Aadya Eye Care provides Best Vision Therapy in Lucknow:

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Vision Therapy
Vision Therapy
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Prism Glasses

Binocular Single Vision Center

It is important in building great depth perception, which influences coordination and hand to eye aptitudes. Those with impaired binocular vision frequently seem cumbersome and clumsy due to the fact that they fell short of the ability to orient themselves in connection to their condition. Such vision issues are now and then missed in routine eye assessments. Suspecting a binocular vision issue or another vision issue, should be evaluated by a specialist Optometrists, trained to analyze and treat these conditions. Early treatment is the key and it guarantees that kids won’t linger behind because of vision issues once they grow up.

Best eye care Hospital in Lucknow - aadya eyecare
Best eye care Hospital in Lucknow - aadya eyecare

Amblyopia Center

Aadya Eye Care Hospital (Best vision therapy in Lucknow) For Vision Development comprises of modern day Amblyopia (Lazy Eye) hospital. Neuroscience has proven that human brain can change at any age, i.e. Neuroplasticity. Hence, we also provide Best vision therapy in Lucknow for the treatment of Adult Amblyopia (Lazy Eye). The Amblyopia (Lazy Eye) hospital aims to support the pediatric ophthalmology and optometrists by checking on patients with amblyopia (lazy eye) and who needs treatment and routine follow-ups. In amblyopia (Lazy eye) hospital, comprehensive assessment of visual functions is carried out for the amblyopic child and appropriate recommendations are provided in conjunction with the recommendations by the pediatric ophthalmologist and optometrist.

This facility additionally addresses the visual needs of the amblyopic patients by accurate evaluation and the execution through novel treatment guidelines, for example, activity computer games (dichoptic based therapy).

Prism Center

Squint or Strabismus is misalignment of eyes when the two eyes don’t work together at one direction.Our eyeball is held by six muscles. At the point when we attempt to turn our eyes and look on another side, all muscles alter likewise. A condition when these muscles don’t work in a synchronized manner and don’t move together, we call it Squint.There are multiple options for squint management besides surgical correction.

Aadya Eye Care Hospital for Vision Development chooses the treatment modalities depending upon the type of squint. Various exercises through prisms are a part of our Best vision therapy center in Lucknow.

Best eye care Hospital in Lucknow - aadya eyecare